Do you have time for a poll?

mask01Today with my therapist we talked about poll-taking. It’s a long and roundabout story but I’ll cut to the chase, which is so not like me. WordPress has this poll app which will let me do one question polls. Your answers do not need a name and will record no identifying data such as an IP address. And hell, who am I to spill anyone’s beans? Am I not laying bare my deepest darkest pains and neuroses here?  ;-)

If it works, and I get a few responses, I might make other polls. I am just curious about emographics (just made up that word and it’s the first invented word all day so I am awfully proud of it) of adoptees. If any of you birth moms have questions and send them to me, I’ll make that poll too. As soon as you finish the poll it will display the findings to date. Won’t this be fun? It’ll be like we are interacting with each other! If you want you can hold my imaginary hand and I will hum Kumbaya with you. Or I will not, as you wish.

This all came about because earlier a friend brought me this insanely delicious mint chocolate cheesecake with a present inside (the container, not the confection) which is a little Buddha. And, I bought a winning lottery ticket today and am going to bring all my friends to someplace exotic for the rest of winter, and can now afford all the italics I need. If it turns out to be true.

Here goes, (takes deep breath, thus realizing the need to brush teeth) Click to go to the Pollbooth:

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One Comment on “Do you have time for a poll?”

  1. barb Says:

    hey! i’m a little late to the game, but did just vote!

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