Dear Caramel…


I read and reply to all emails. I get 1500 points for that.

2200 for doing my laundry.

500 just for standing.

300 for spelling.

-500 for punctuation.

And so on.


One Comment on “Dear Caramel…”

  1. cheerio Says:

    Hi Caramel.
    I’m still new to blogworld.
    I’m trying to add you to blogs I follow.
    I’ve pasted in the URL, but then I get an error …
    Right, as if THAT helps me know why it won’t work. Do I need your permission to follow your blog? I should be able to follow a blog from wordpress even though I’m on blogspot, right?
    I’d appreciate help if you have any ideas. LOL
    Maybe I’ll go search google to find what that error ‘message’ means.

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